Cambridge University Railway Club

CURC Committee 2005-2006

If you are looking for general information on the CURC, or aren't sure which committee member you need, please contact the Secretary.

Following excessive junk email, committee email addresses are no longer listed in this table, and all addresses have been withdrawn. To contact someone please click on their position to be taken to a web form.
Position Name
President Robin C. Payne (Pembroke)
Vice Presidents S.L.Bragg M.A. M.Sc Ph.D C.Eng F.I.Mech.E F.R.Ae.S 
J.A.Leake M.A. Ph.D. (St. John's) 
G.B.Skelsey M.A.
Secretary Rebecca N. Palmer B.A. (ex Trinity, now Merton Oxford)
Senior Treasurer N.C.Pyper M.A. Ph.D.
Junior Treasurer Oliver G. N. Glover (Fitzwilliam)
Visits Secretary and Publicity Officer Mark Waller M.A. (ex Churchill)
Journal Editor and Membership Secretary J. Brian Carter M.A. (ex Queens')