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founded 1911

90th Anniversary Dinner

10 February 2001

The CURC Annual Dinner will be held on Saturday 10 February 2001, at 7.00pm for 7:30pm, in the Upper Hall of Peterhouse College. The guest speakers will be:
Professor Colin Divall, Institute of Railway Studies, University of York,
and Brian Burdsall, Managing Director of Midland Main Line.


Cream Soup
Filet de Plie St. Pierre, served with a bottle of white wine
Duckling and Cherries, along with a selection of vegetables, served with a bottle of red wine
Iced Bombe with profiteroles
Coffee and Mints

There will also be vegetarian options, including a non-fish option. Please let us know of any dietary requirements. The prices are 33ukp per Life Member or Life Member's guest, and 22ukp per student. Please note that the CURC reserves the right to change the advertised menu and speakers if necessary.

The dinner is always a popular event, and forms a reunion for many life members. All life members are welcome to attend - come along and meet the present student members, and also many faces from the past - the furthest we expect to go back this year is a member who joined in 1936. If you haven't been along for a while, then this is going to be the ideal occasion to get back in touch with the Club.
The Dinner is now fully booked. Thank you to all those who are coming.


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