Newsletter No.1 Easter Term 1995 - 7051 "John Alcock"

Firstly, an apology for not getting out termcards at the beginning of term. This was due to poor organization on the part of the committee, and we thank all who managed to turn up regardless.


The following committee was elected for 1995/6:
President Tim Wells (Trinity)
Secretary Graham James (Catz.)
Junior Treasurer John Joyce (Clare)
Journal Editor Brian Marsden (Clare)
Visits Secretary Jonathan McAllister (Sidney Sussex)

The accounts presented at the AGM were incomplete, and must be restated. Anyone wishing to receive a copy of the accounts should therefore write to the Junior Treasurer, c/o Clare College, enclosing a sae.

Next Year‘s Meetings

As in future we would have to pay for the use of the Buckingham Room, we will be moving to a new venue in the Autumn. We expect this to be the Ramsden Room at St. Catharines. This will be confirmed, and a map provided, before the beginning of next term.

However the falling attendance at meetings, and the increasing difficulty in finding new speakers, has lead us to rethink our approach to the meetings we provide. Starting with next term, we will cut the number of speaker meetings to four, going for quality rather than quantity. To offset that, we will have at least two social events in the term. This will result in slightly fewer meetings than in previous years, but they will be bigger and better than before.

The first meeting of next term will therefore be on Friday 6th October, and will hopefully feature a speaker on a highly topical subject.

LMCs / Subscription Renewals etc.

Payment of these are due before the beginning of next term. There should be a form to return enclosed with this newsletter.

Annual Dinner

Next year‘s Annual Dinner will be held on Saturday 24th February 1996.

And Finally...

Those wishing to get in touch with me over the Summer can write to me at my home address: c/o 55 Holt Park Road, Leeds, LS16 7QS.

So until October, Goodbye.

Tim Wells. - last updated 14/7/01