Newsletter No.2 Easter Term 1996 - 577 "Mary"

As this academic year draws to a close, it is time to tie up the loose threads, and make preparations for next year.

AGM & Constitution

The amended constitution was approved, with minor changes, at the AGM. Anyone requiring a copy of the approved version should write to me at the address below, preferably enclosing a s.a.e.

At the AGM, it was suggested that we provide a mechanism to allow life members to call for a postal ballot. This was suggested as a way of giving life members a greater say in the running of the club, and as a way of protecting the club against rogue groups taking over the club. We would appreciate your comments on this matter.

Next Term, Societies Fair, & Future Events.

The first meeting of next term will be on Friday 11th October. The venue will be announced nearer the time.

The Societies Fair is where we do most of our recruiting, and we would appreciate some assistance in making the society attractive to new undergraduates. The stall itself could do with brightening up, and some large colour photographs would be useful. Also help with setting up and manning the stall will be appreciated. The fair will be held on Tuesday 8th and Wednesday 9th October.

The Annual Dinner will be held on Saturday 15th February 1997.

The End is Nigh...

Subs and Life / Town Members‘ Contributions are again due. The form below gives all the relevant details. All those leaving Cambridge this time, who wish to remain in touch with the society, should also fill in the form, giving a contact address for next year.

Tim Wells.

55, Holt Park Road, Leeds, LS16 7QS

Tim Wells. - last updated 14/7/01