Extraordinary Proceedings

A report of what was discussed at the EGM

The President explained that the meeting had been called in order to discuss questions relating to the future organisation of the Club. There would not be enough active members who were current undergraduates to form a full committee next year under the present constitution. Changes to the constitution to reflect this more slimline society had therefore been suggested. Additionally, there was a need to discuss longer term changes that would allow the club to continue functioning in the event of continued recruitment problems.

Changes to the Club's Constitution

The meeting reached a consensus over the desirability of making the following changes to the Club constitution:

It was agreed that the Committee should propose a set of changes to the constitution, to reflect the feeling of the meeting, which would be distributed with the forthcoming edition of Eagle, and upon which comments from Members would be invited. In the light of any such comments, the Committee would make such revisions to the proposals as was felt desirable and would present its revised proposals to the next Annual General Meeting.


Members discussed suggestions for increasing the level of recruitment to the club. Although several suggestions were made which the Committee would pursue, it was agreed that little could be done to resist a sociological trend.

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