Minutes: 23rd February 1996 - Photographic Competition

Meeting held in the Old Combination Room, St Catharine's College (Lent Term No.3)

21. Minutes

The minutes of the meeting held on Friday 9th February were approved.

22. Photographic Competition - Judge: Mr Nigel Harris (Managing Editor, Rail)

Mr Harris began by commenting that judging a photographic competition was both a difficult task and a subjective one. In making his choices, he looked for correct exposure and sharpness, after which he looked for pictures which caught his eye.

As the slides were projected, Mr Harris commented on matters of note. In particular, the freight scene is changing quickly, and people should take photos of the current liveries while they last. He informed the meeting that the Class 47s currently appear in 25 different colour schemes.

The results were:

Category A: Slides: British Rail

Category B: Slides: Non-BR

Category C: Black and white prints

Category D: Colour Prints

The President gave a vote of thanks.

23. Announcements

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